Actionable Insights That Transform Brands


General Sentiment delivers insights that change the way brands make product and marketing decisions. A social analytics company fueled by big-data natural language processing and text analytics, our social intelligence platform interprets online conversations and discovers actionable insights.
Drive incremental revenues
Identify people talking about your television show, brand or product. Discover what they’re saying. Understand what they care about. Develop or fine tune your marketing strategy to increase sales. If you’re in the media buying or selling business, we’ve got the tools you need.
Safeguard your brand's image
The viral potential of social media can influence your current and prospective customers in an instant. Listen to that chatter and measure public perception more precisely. React quickly and decisively to ensure your brand’s reputation across the social web and beyond.
Enhance traditional research methodologies
Today’s consumers freely express brand preferences, purchase behavior, satisfaction and complaints across social platforms. Whether it’s an election or an advertising push, capture insights from millions of conversations happening right now across a perpetual focus group.

Listen. Understand. Analyze. Act.

Big Problems. Big Data. Easy Solutions.

Founded in 2008, General Sentiment harnesses the power of Stony Brook University’s patented language processing technology for businesses.

Every day, General Sentiment processes 120 GB of data, transforming it into the building blocks of our social intelligence platform.

We store nearly 60 terabytes of data from more than 60 million sources dating back to 2004. Twitter; Facebook; News Sites; Blogs; Forums; Comments Sections & more.

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