Just two days removed from the extra-loud Apple Spring Forward event, the web has been ablaze with conversations about the Apple Watch. Introduced in September 2014, but only revealed in full detail this week, the watch has started discussion about its price, its features, and its usability as something more than a iPhone helper.

To that end, General Sentiment indexed, collected and analyzed more than 239,000 conversations over the course of the last week to not only gauge the overall reaction to the Apple Watch, but also to track how sentiment toward Apple as a company shifted once the Watch was revealed.

Beyond tracking simple sentiment scores for both entities, we also were able to surface the top 20 sentiment words, including adjectives and key word usage, that drove conversation about the Apple Watch.

Plus, we delve into the top personality that drove conversation, the top competitor driving exterior conversation and the overall earned media value since the event on Monday. All in a one-pager full of useful information. Download the report below!

Download “applewatchearlybuzz.pdf” applewatchearlybuzz.pdf – Downloaded 365 times – 780 kB


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