Short month though it may have been, with the Super Bowl to start the month off strong, it’s no wonder this month’s version of the QSR rankings of impact media value, a social ROI metric, is a fascinating look at the power that advertising can have.

McDonald’s, which had been struggling the last few months to keep pace with the Chipotles and Taco Bells of the world, finally retook second place and nearly dethroned Starbucks atop the list of the 35 most exposed fast food restaurant brands, mostly on the strength of their Super Bowl ad and subsequent campaign to ask people to win their food via a happy game. Though the response to the game itself wasn’t necessarily fantastic, the exposure gained by the outgoing attempt at marketing was enough to help the Golden Arches climb back into second place.

The other big news from the top 10 was at No. 10, where Krispy Kreme enters the big players for the first time since we kept track of this metric in the QSR industry. For the full top 35 and report, download the report below!

Download “February-2015-QSR-Media-Value-Report.pdf” February-2015-QSR-Media-Value-Report.pdf – Downloaded 493 times – 2 MB


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