General Sentiment names the top social media influencers on Twitter by their overall earned media value since Feb. 1, 2014.

These Twitter users, identified by StatSocial’s “Power Influencers, 2015” list, rank highest for exposure potential, calculated by General Sentiment’s earned impact media value metric. IMV measures influence strength of a Twitter handle via a $5 CPM metric that weighs exposure potential, sentimentality and overall mention volume.

The results of the impact media rankings of these 100 power social influencers rearranged the list quite substantially, with StatSocial’s No. 50 landing at No. 1 on our list. Here’s the top 10, listed along with their overall web sentiment for the year-plus measured: Slide1 Many of the top 10 landed near the top of StatSocial’s report, including StatSocial’s No. 1 Guy Kawasaki, who lands at No. 3 on General Sentiment’s list. Keep a look out for more reports for social media influencers in other verticals, including sports, media, entertainment and more. Download our full top 50 report below!

Download “social-influencers-2015.pdf” social-influencers-2015.pdf – Downloaded 1118 times – 9 MB


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